August sourdough workshop – photos and feedback

After much busy-ness with pastry workshops (and the Cygnet Market) it was great to get back to the basics of sourdough bread making and to be able to provide another eight interested participants with the techniques for making sourdough.

Cutting the sourdough loaf for sampling

This workshop was held on Thursday / Friday to cater for those people (including me!) who have busy weekends.

Some of the things we discuss include, the origins and history of sourdough, the importance of using ingredients of the highest quality, care and feeding of the starter, getting the mix right with temperature and time, proofing bowls and other equipment required and how to bake in different stoves.

Checking out the starter

The cost of the workshop is $45 and includes the kit that I sell at the Cygnet Market.  The Market kit has all of the instructions for making sourdough bread plus the ingredients required for two standard loaves.           The ingredients include the special sourdough starter and the flours are all organic flours of the highest quality from Four Leaf Milling in South Australia.  The Workshop kit also contains one dough scraper and a collection of my favourite bread recipes.  Everyone loves the dough scraper.

Everyone loves the dough scraper

Getting the dough ready for the second rising

Contact me if you would like to come along to one of the next workshops.

Feedback and photos from the participants:

Hi Kate,
Here are the photos of the bread I made today. As you promised; easy and beautiful.
Needless to say that the kids enjoyed it for afternoon tea.
Time to make another one!
Thanks for a very interesting workshop!



Photo from Ursula –


Hi Kate!

Many thanks for a great time yesterday and today! It was great! The bread is soooo yummy! Mine turned out very well too. I put it in the oven straight after I got home. Then it was almost lunch time. My husband couldn’t wait and said ‘can I have some?’ I said ‘you have to wait for 2 hours before I can cut it!!’ Anyway, he made do with some five seeds bread I made from my Thermomix. Then I had a friend called in so we had a couple of slices of the sourdough with some sundried tomato and cashew dip. Yum yum. Then of course we almost cleaned it up for dinner with my parsnip and coconut soup! Therefore………….I just put another mixture together and hopefully it will be ready for me to bake at 9am tomorrow morning!!  



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