Upper Crust Pastry Workshop – August

There is a lot of work required to run a workshop, especially a pastry workshop, but  it’s always great fun and sometimes I also learn things about cooking too.

Five pastry students visited my kitchen recently and we stuck to the same format, making three different types of pastry.     I demonstrate how to make the particular pastry and then mine is made into a pie or tart while the other students make their pastry for taking home and for cooking later.

lots of greens required for Spanakopitta

The workshop had my usual Spinach and Fetta Pie (Spanakopitta) and you need lots and lots of green leaves to fill the baking dish.

The participants need to concentrate when they are making pastry to ensure they use all the right ingredients and mix everything correctly.  Here we all are heads down and working away.

Making a mix

After the spanakopitta, we made pastry for the Redcurrant flan and then we had a break to have coffee and check out some cooking books.  Then it was back to work and we finished with Jean’s Apple Pie.

The finished flan

Jean’s Apple Pie ready for the oven

Favourite Cookbooks


Lunch was a wonderful feast and we found time to talk in between the eating.  We started with the Spanakopitta and then had the Redcurrant flan for first dessert.


All of us still found a little more space to fit in a piece of Jean’s apple pie with yoghurt. Thanks to the pastry students for actively participating.

The Redcurrant flan

Contact me to find out when the next Upper Crust Pastry workshop will be held.


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