Cygnet Library Garden receives a donation from GaSP!

You may have seen a post on Vegetable Vagabond titled “The adventures of my wheelbarrow“.  I drove my wheelbarrow into town and a group of us from The Community Garden planted herbs and vegetables in the garden in front of the local library.

The plants are doing quite nicely but we have had some dry patches in between the winter showers and when I walked past recently I noticed that the plants needed watering.

The librarians seemed keen to look after their new herb and vegie garden so I decided to present them with a watering can.


I sell these watering cans (in red and green) and other sizes at my Cygnet Market stall and at home.

This watering can is five litres and the larger size is nine litres (as seen on Gardening Australia).

The larger size comes in red, green and black.

A galvanized watering can is also available.

These are genuine high quality English watering cans and make wonderful presents for keen gardeners (or librarians!).



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