Upper Crust Pastry workshop – July

The demand for conducting Sourdough Bread workshops has been really strong recently but I do love making pastry and was very pleased to be able to conduct another Pastry workshop.

Six pastry students visited recently and we stuck to the same format, making three different types of pastry.     I demonstrate how to make the particular pastry and then mine is made into a pie or tart while the other students make their pastry for taking home and for cooking later.

Having fun with new recipes

It was a fun day and I think that everyone learned some new things about making pastry.  Of course, it is really nice when the recipes come out just as yummy as they usually do but sometimes you take a risk and change something and the results can be a surprise.

Turning out the upside down tart

The upside down tart is quite spectacular and its so easy to make.

spinach and fetta pie

The spinach and fetta pie was the main course for lunch.  The students and the parking attendant gave the pie the thumbs-up.

Lunch is always better when you have plenty of time to enjoy good food and good company.  So it was when we had the blackberry pie and yoghurt.  Thanks to all the participants for making this a really enjoyable day and for the lovely comments about how they are progressing with their pastry recipes.

Contact me to find out when the next Upper Crust Pastry workshop will be held.

Blackberry pie with yoghurt – yum!!

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