The world of warm winter breads (photos)

A staggeringly fabulous, blue sky day in the middle of winter heralded the first of the seasonal cooking experiences from around the world.  From Tasmania to China, USA and Germany.

Four cooks and so many sharp knives in one kitchen.  Lucky they are all good friends!

John, Sally, Bud and Kate.                                                                                                 Twelve participants eager to learn new cooking experiences.

A selection of photos from a great day:

The congregation gather

John dividing up his dough

Sally and the Spring Pancake production team get to work

Bud mixing up corn bread while Kate tends to the beans

Bud cuts up corn bread for the beans

Black beans with corn bread

John’s wholemeal roll (with apricot jam)

Chopstick lessons from Sally included free

Lunch time

The Four Cooks in a less frantic pose


3 thoughts on “The world of warm winter breads (photos)

  1. Of all the delicious dishes, John’s wholemeal rolls had the most distinctive and exquisite flavour. Was it due entirely to the freshly-ground flour, or to a magic touch?


  2. It was a wonderful day of demonstration, education, participation and eating. All the food was exceptional. My husband Bill enjoyed Johns honey wholemeal rolls especially. Thank you to all our cooks xx


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