A chance meeting …

In late 2011, I returned to my home state of South Australia to visit family and friends and to attend a wedding.  Of course, I took some time to visit various markets and talk to all sorts of people about growing great food.

One of the most interesting visits I made was to Lina Verilli and Pat D’Onofrio’s farm on the Gawler River.

Read here about our visit to Patlin Gardens.

Pat and Lina travel to Adelaide each week to sell their produce at the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market.   Stallholders include Patlin Gardens, Hughsli and Do Bee Honey.

Early in 2012, we managed to sort out the logistics of shipping olive oil from S.A. to Tasmania and we commenced selling olive oil (in 10 litre casks for families and bigger users and in 750 ml bottles for individuals).

You can taste and enjoy the quality of South Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil when you visit the Cygnet Market.  Dip my sourdough bread into the Olive Oil from Patlin Gardens and taste the difference.

Health benefits of Olive Oil


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